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A collection of books on reloading.

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Google ДИСК


Bullet Casting

Handbook of Commercial Bullet Casting, The - 2nd Edition

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook - 3rd Edition - 1980 - ocr.pdf


Caliber Specific Load Data

Complete Reloading Manual for the 7.62x39.pdf

Complete Reloading Manual for the 357 Magnum.pdf

Complete Reloading Manual for the 454 Casull.pdf

MidwayUsa LoadMap 9mm.pdf

MidwayUsa LoadMap 44RemingtonMagnum.pdf

MidwayUsa LoadMap 45ACP.pdf

MidwayUsa LoadMap 357Magnum.pdf

Reloading Manuals

ABCs of Reloading - Lee Precision - 2004.pdf

Complete Handloader, The - by John Wooters.pdf

Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading - 3rd Edition - 1980.pdf

Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading - 4th Edition - Volume 1.pdf

Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading - 4th Edition - Volume 2.pdf

Lyman Reloading Handbook - 48th Edition - 2002 - ocr.pdf

Lyman Reloading Handbook --- 44th Edition --- 1967.pdf

Modern Reloading 2nd Edition by Richard Lee - ocr.pdf

Speer Reloading Manual - 12th Edition - 1995 -.pdf

Nosler Reloading Guide 7


Vendor Supplied Load Data

Alliant Powder Reloaders Guide - 2000.pdf

Alliant Powder Reloaders Guide - 2002.pdf

Alliant Powder Reloaders Guide - 2005.pdf

IMR Handloaders Guide for Smokeless Powders.pdf

IMR Smokeless Powder Reloading Guide --- April 2004.pdf

Speer Manual for Reloading Ammunition --- Number 6 --- 1964.pdf




Buckshot Loading III - Ballistic Products Inc - 2004.pdf

Cartridges of the World - 8th Edition - 1997.pdf

Combat Loads for the Sniper Rifle - Desert Press - 2004.pdf

Early Loading Tools & Bullet Molds - some pages are skewed.pdf

Gun Digest Book of Handgun Reloading, The - by Dean A Grennell - 1987.pdf

Handloader\\\'s Manual of Cartridge Conversions, The - ocr.pdf


Reloaders Digest --- 6th Edition --- 1972 - ocr.pdf


PS Взято отсюда http://thepiratebay.is/torrent/6175275/Reloading

но поскольку этот торент своеобразный, переложено на гугле, почищено от гладкоствола.

Edited by Ворль

"Все вторично, первичны только дырки на мишени" (с) Док.

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