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2017 IBS 1000-Yard Benchrest Nationals

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Здесь могла бы быть Ваша реклама!

но победитель с другим калибром в LG:

In 2016 Michael Gaizauskas set the current 1000-yard IBS Heavy Gun (10 shot) group and score records. He set those records with the rifle on the left (below), then chambered in 6.5×47 Lapua. In this match, Mike won LG Group and LG Overall with the rifle on the right as chambered in his own 7mm short magnum wildcat. Mike designed and built both these distinctive assymetric stocks.


а в 2016 вообще рекорд поставил, не 6 Dasher)

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причем по другим лидерам(их железу) информации не нашел.

Congratulations to the “top guns” at the Nationals: Edward Kenzakoski (Two-Gun Overall Champion), Mike Gaizauskas (Light Gun Overall, plus LG Score Agg), and Mike Brennan (Heavy Gun Overall, plus HG Score Agg).

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